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Pol sambola
Pol sambola, or thenkai sambal, is a traditional Sri Lankan dish made from coconut, mostly used as an accompaniment with rice, string hoppers, hoppers and curries.
Kottu roti
Kottu is a Sri Lankan dish made from godhamba roti and vegetables, egg and/or meat, and spices. The bread is described as very similar to the type found in the south Indian kothu parotta and Roti canai.
Polos curry
Sri Lankan Jackfruit Curry, the polos curry is one of the most admired foods in Sri Lankan cuisine due to its unavoidable taste.To make polos curry, a baby jackfruit is cooked with many spices and coconut milk.
Lamprais is a Sri Lankan dish that was introduced by the country's ethnic Dutch Burgher population. Lamprais is derived from the Dutch word lomprijst, which loosely translated means a packet of food.
Harðfiskur is unsalted fish, a traditional Icelandic food, dried by cold air and wind on wooden racks on the foreshore. Harðfiskur has been a staple in Icelandic diets for centuries. It's made most often of cod, but also haddock and wolffish.
Plokkfiskur is a traditional Icelandic dish made from fish, potatoes, onion and bechamel sauce. The result is thick and creamy comfort food that’s popular with locals and tourists alike. The dish has its origins in the most noble of food principles – using up leftovers. 
Pylsur is Icelandic sausages. This three-meat Icelandic hot dog, known as pylsur, is a comparatively accessible national dish. Traditionally pylsur is served with bun and many other toppings.
Kæstur hákarl
Kæstur hákarl is a national dish of Iceland consisting of a Greenland shark or other sleeper shark which has been cured with a particular fermentation process and hung to dry for four to five months.
Lapskaus is a thick Norwegian stew made of meat and potatoes. There are many variations of lapskaus. The dish may be made of fresh or leftover meat and potatoes.
Potetball (also known as klubb, kumle, komle, kompe, raspeball) is a traditional Norwegian potato dumpling, like a similar German dish which is called Kartoffelkloesse
Kjøttkaker is a traditional dish of Norway. It served with either boiled potatoes, stewed peas or creamed cabbage stew, lingonberry jam and a brown sauce.
Fårikål is a popular dish from southern Norway. Lamb and cabbage are layered and stewed with peppercorns. Serve with boiled potatoes sprinkled with parsley.
Graavilohi is a traditional Finnish and Nordic dish. The raw salmon that has been cold cured with salt, sugar and fresh dill. The dish is accompanied by hovmästarsåsm, a dill and mustard sauce.
Lohikeitto, the creamy salmon soup is a common dish in Finland and other Nordic countries. It consists of salmon fillets, boiled potatoes and leeks. The soup is traditionally served hot, with some dill.
Karelian pies
Karelian pies or Karelian pirogs are traditional pasties or pirogs from the region of Karelia. There are two things in Karelian pies; rice porridge and rye crust. Ingredients for both of them are very simple.
Kalakukko is a traditional food from the Finnish region of Savonia made from fish baked inside a loaf of bread. Kalakukko is especially popular in Kuopio, capital city of the Northern Savonia region.
Rød pølse
Rød pølse is a type of brightly red, boiled pork sausage very common in Denmark. Some people regard røde pølser as one of the Denmark's national dishes. They are made of the Vienna type and the skin is colored with a traditional red dye
Frikadeller are flat, pan-fried meatballs of minced meat, often likened to the Danish version of meatballs made with veal and pork, and shaped into slightly flattened ovals.
Smørrebrød, or open sandwiches, are a staple of Danish cuisine. Smørrebrød usually consists of a piece of buttered rye bread, topped with commercial or homemade cold cuts, pieces of meat or fish, cheese or spreads, and garnishes.
Stegt Flæsk med persillesovs
Stegt flæsk is a dish from Denmark consisting of fried pork belly and generally served with potatoes and a white sauce with chopped parsley.