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Romanian Food

Limbă cu măsline
Limbă cu măsline is a traditional Romanian beef tongue stew and olives. The stew typically consists of slices of cooked beef tongue stewed with tomato sauce and pitted olives. It is usually seasoned with lemon juice and a handful of freshly chopped parsley or chives.
Salata boeuf
Salata boeuf is present on everyone’s tables during Christmas time and it’s a delicious mix of minced meat (beef or chicken), vegetables and mayonnaise, usually topped with olives and pickles for a creative presentation. You can eat it by itself or with meat and another side dishes.
Lamb Haggis (Drob de Miel)
Drob, fully named Drob de Miel or Drob de Paște is a traditional Romanian dish of lamb offals, green onions, herbs, eggs, and bread soaked in water or milk. The boiled offals are chopped and mixed with all the other ingredients and seasoned with salt and pepper.
Cozonac is a classic, simple, sweetened yeast bread with origins in Romania. Traditionally made during Easter and Christmas, this citrus-scented sweet dough is twisted around a nutty filling, creating a spiral design when baked. The result is a festive loaf bread with a tender and soft crumb.
Jumări are Romanian-style pork cracklings that are made by frying pieces of pork belly or pork rinds with fat and meat attached to them. The slightly crispy and cozy pork pieces are typically seasoned with salt or paprika and consumed right away as snack or appetizer before a meal.
Mici or Mititei (Grilled Minced Meat Rolls)
Mititei is Romanian grilled meat are made with ground beef, garlic, and other spices. It is similar to ćevapi and other ground meat based dishes throughout the Balkans. They are served with mustard, bread, and cold beer. The dish is a must-have item at a Romanian barbecue, or grâtar.
Caltaboș is a Romanian liver-based pork sausage. Caltabos also contains other minced pork organs, rice, onion, and spices – all boiled, mashed, and stuffed in natural pig casings. The dish is a Romanian Christmas dish that is traditionally prepared and eaten during the winter holiday season.
Frigărui is Romanian chicken Kebabs, consist of small pieces of meat (usually pork, beef, mutton, lamb or chicken) grilled on a skewer, similar to shashlik or shish kebab. The pieces of meat alternate with bacon, sausages, or vegetables, such as onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and mushrooms.
Pomana porcului
Pomana porcului is a Romanian dish.The meat is used in the Christmas meals. After the pig is killed, the family members share a dish which is cooked in a cauldron and consists of a variety of pork bits (pork belly, shoulder, liver, kidneys, etc.) in a garlic sauce and served with polenta.
Ciorba de burta
Ciorba in Romanian usually refers to sour soups with vegetables, spices and some form of meat. Romanian Ciorba de burta is a soup made with boiled beef tripe and vegetables and served with sour cream, vinegar and mujdei (a traditional garlic paste), this soup is sour, spicy.