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Bosnia–Herzegovina Food

Jahnija is an old recipe from Northern Bosnia. It was used only on festive occasions, as it requires large quantities of meat and lengthy preparation. This traditional dish made of meat and vegetables with a dominating flavour of garlic, onions and black pepper is a popular for the winter.
Ćevapi or ćevapčići
Bosnia’s national dish, cevapi or cevapcici, looks like an oblong sausage made from minced beef or mutton. often served as a set of eight to ten pieces with raw onions, sour cream and somun. The Djuvec rice complements Cevapcici dish very well.
Kvrguša  (Bosnian Chicken Pie)
Kvrgusa is a Bosnian dish that is made by baking pieces of chicken in a flour, egg and milk batter and when it is done it tastes like a chicken pot pie. The dish is more similar to pizza in shape where the crust is on the bottom and filling just chicken, sometimes with sour cream on the top.
Bosnia creates their mouth-watering twist on this favourite Balkan dish. Bosnian dolma stuffs meat or rice into eggplants, zucchini or bell peppers. You eat meat dolma warm with a lemon-based sauce; rice dolma comes with a garlic sauce at room temperature.
Begova Čorba
Bey's Soup (Begova Čorba) is by far the most famous soup in traditional Bosnian cuisine. This is a thick soup made of chicken and okra with the addition of vegetables and herbs. It is served as a warm appetizer and is very common in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Klepe (sa mesom)
Klepe (sa mesom) are traditional Bosnian dumplings filled with minced meat (or cheese), similar to ravioli and pierogi. The dough is made with flour, eggs, and salt, while the filling consists of ground meat and onions seasoned with salt and pepper.
Japrak is one of famous traditional Bosnian dishes (dolma in Turkish). Japrak (dolmas) are cooked in all Balkan countries, Middle East and Central Asia. It’s minced meat and rice with spices wrapped in chard, spinach or wine leaves.
Bosanski lonac
Bosanski lonac is a Bosnian stew, a culinary speciality appreciated for its rich taste and flexibility. Recipes for Bosanski lonac vary greatly according to personal and regional preference, but the main ingredients generally include chunked meat and vegetables. Mixed meats may be used in the dish.