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Serbian Food

Gibanica is filo pastry pie filled with cottage cheese and egg,though it can be made in a number of different ways. Recipes can range from sweet to savoury, and from simple to festive and elaborate multi-layered cakes. The dish can be enjoyed hot or cold, and for a number of different occasions.
Djuvec Rice
A rice dish of Balkan or Serbian origin. Main ingredients being red bell peppers and rice. Some recipes even include fresh tomatoes. This dish complements Cevapcici dish very well. This vegetable rice is very popular in Southeast European Balkan. 
Ajvar is a type of relish, side Serbian dishes which comes with almost every meal perfectly. Represents the perfect combination of red bell peppers, garlic and eggplants. That all are made mixture with olive oil and a lashing of salt.
The Serbs are the king of the beans, and prebranac is a bean soup with added meaty goodness. Prebranac is a beans dish. This is just a simple dish, but it's Serbs all time favourite for winter. It can be sever bare, with bacon or grilled sausages.
Karađorđeva šnicla
The dish is named by the Serbian prince Karadjordje and represents real royal meal! Schnitzel (can be veal or pork) which is rolled and stuffed with kajmak and after that it’s breaded and fried. The dish is usually served with tartar sauce and roasted potatoes.  
Čvarci (čvarak) is a specialty popular in Southeastern Europe, a variant of pork rinds. They are a kind of pork "crisps", with fat thermally extracted from the lard. Preparation of čvarci involves melting the lard. Lard is cut insmall  blocks and slowly fried in their own fat.
Sremska (in Serbian "sremska kobasica") is sausage from Serbia. It has its origin in the Serbian area of Srem. It contains a mixture of beef and pork meat spiced with paprika, black pepper, salt and "secret spices". It is slightly smoked and medium ground.
Podvarak is a Serbia’s dish, popular across the countries of the former Yugoslavia. The primary ingredients are sour cabbage or sauerkraut or fresh cabbage, finely chopped onions and meat, usually pork roast or lightly cooked chicken, which are then combined and baked in oven.