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Bulgarian Food

Tarator (таратор)
Tarator (таратор in Bulgarian, таратур or таратор in Macedonian, or tarator in Albania) is one of the most traditional dishes of Bulgaria. Tarator is cold cucumber soup consists of yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, walnuts, dill, oil (often sunflower) and water. 
Banitsa also transliterated as banica and banitza is a Bulgarian traditional pastry dish, prepared by layering a mixture of whisked eggs, natural yogurt and pieces of white brined cheese between filo pastry and then baking it in an oven.
Shopska salad
Shopska salad, is a Bulgarian cold salad popular throughout the Balkans and Southeastern Europe. This is Bulgaria's most famous dish and national salad. The ingredients used were chosen in part because they resemble the three colors of the Bulgarian flag, and thus would evoke a national sentiment.
Kapama is a typical Bulgarian dish that is most often prepared in the region of Bansko and Razlog. The key ingredients include sauerkraut and different types of meat such as chicken, veal, pork, and rabbit, while rice and sausages can be added to the dish according to personal preferences.
Kufte are Bulgarian meat patties that are usually made with pork, veal, or beef (or a combination) as primary ingredients. The meat is ground, then combined with onions, parsley, salt, pepper, and cumin. Savory is often added as a seasoning in order to enhance the flavors.
Meshana skara
Meshana skara or mixed grill is a traditional Bulgarian meal consisting of a platter full of meat and sides. The platter should contain one kyufte, one pork steak, one kebapche, and one pork skewer. The meat comes along with french fries, lyutenitsa, and bean salad with chopped onions.
Bob chorba
Bob chorba (Bulgarian: боб чорба; lit. "bean soup") is a chorba, a Bulgarian soup. It is made from dry beans, onions, tomatoes, chubritza or dzhodzhen (spearmint) and carrots. Local variations may also exclude the carrots or include paprika, potatoes or even some kind of meat.
Kebapche (кебапче)
Kebapche (Bulgarian: кебапче, plural: кебапчета, kebapcheta) is a Bulgarian dish of grilled minced meat with spices. The meat is shaped into an elongated cylindrical form, similar to a hot dog. Typically, a mix of pork and beef is used, although some recipes involve only pork.
Beef Gyuvech
Gyuvech is a traditional stew or casserole in the Balkan cuisine and carries the name of the clay or earthenware pot used in its preparation. Gyuveche. It is a traditional Bulgarian meal whose name is derived from the ceramic pot in which it is baked and served.
Musaka /Moussaka (мусака)
Moussaka is made with potatoes, ground meat, and tomatoes then it is topped with a white sauce and baked. Throw in some bay leaves too and you will not want to leave the table until you have finished up the entire baking pan. Eat this with some yoghurt on top.