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Herzegovinian japrak. Sarma is an original Turkish dish that is prepared in many ways, especially in Eastern Europe.

Though it probably derives its origin from Turkish and Levantine cuisine, traditional Herzegovinian japrak is an authentic dish consisting of a minced meat filling that is wrapped in blanched leaves of raštika, a local variety of leaf cabbage.

The filling is usually prepared with minced beef or veal that is combined with rice, salt, and pepper. These small-sized stuffed leaves are slowly cooked for hours, occasionally alongside smoked meat. Apart from the traditional version, some varieties replace cabbage with vine leaves, add tomatoes, or season it with mint.

There is also well know variation of this dish called Sarma and it’s basically the same thing except pickled cabbage leaves are used for wrapping.

The dish is best enjoyed when served accompanied by mashed potatoes or sour cream.

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