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Bosanski lonac

Bosanski lonac

Bosanski Lonac is said to be one of the Bosnia’ national dishes. The stew is unique to Bosnia and uses a particular way to prepare the meal. Cooks put large chunks of both meat and vegetables in alternating layers until the pot is full. After simmering and cooking for what may feel like forever, the delicious broth and stew comes as a hearty meal.

Bosanski lonac has been on tables of both the rich and the poor for hundreds of years. The wealthy prepared the dish with more meat and other expensive ingredients, while the poor used what was available. Typical ingredients are: beef, lamb, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, parsley, garlic, peppercorns (whole, not ground). Many different vegetables or meats may be used. Bosanski lonac is prepared by layering meat and vegetables (alternating layers of meat and vegetables until the pot is full) into a deep pot, then adding 1 - 2 dl water. The ingredients are usually cut into large pieces rather than finely chopped or minced.

Originally, Bosanski lonac was made in ceramic pots and cooked in a fireplace or pit in the ground. Today, with the declining availability of fireplaces for cooking, many cooks use a regular pot and a kitchen stove. Due to the preference for large chunks of meat and vegetables, the meal takes about 4 hours to cook.

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