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Puerto Rico Food

Lechón asado
Puerto rico lechón asado
Puerto rico Jibarito
Arroz con gandules
Arroz con gandules
Bacalao Guisado
Bacalao Guisado is a traditional Puerto Rican stew of salt cod in a rich tomato broth with bright, vibrant herbs, potatoes, onions, peppers, and garlic. Serve it over a bed of white rice with a few slices of avocado or with potatos. Salted Cod Stew is one of Puerto Rico’s most popular foods and...
Asopao is a family of stews that can be made with chicken, pork, beef, shrimp seafood, vegetables, or any combination of the above. Asopao is Puerto Rico's national soup and one of the most important gastronomic recipes in Puerto Rico. Garnish with sweet peas and the dish is often severed with...
Rellenos de papa
Rellenos de papa are a traditional Puerto Rican fritter. Typically, they’re made with white potatoes, and are filled with a deliciously spiced ground beef mixture. The dish is a baked potato dough into which a filling made of chopped beef and onions, whole olives, hard-boiled eggs, cumin and other...
Alcapurria are fried cakes popular throughout Puerto Rico; Dominican Republic; Cuba; Panama. The fritter dish filled with minced meat or a mixture of meat and seafood combined with spices of Puerto Rico cuisine. The cake dough is made from green plantian bananas and a type of pureed corn that is...
Mofongo is a Puerto Rican dish with fried plantains as its main ingredient. It is traditionally served with fried meat and chicken broth soup. Mofongo stuffed with shrimp (camarón in Spanish) is called camarofongo. Particular flavors result from variations that include vegetables, chicken, shrimp,...