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Maghrebian Food

Mrouzia, or lamb with raisins and almonds, is one of the most important dishes of North African cuisine. It is a savory dish predominated by the sweet aromas of honey and cinnamon. Although it belongs to the category of Tagines, Mrouzia is a special dish made for lovers of delicately sweet and...
Harira, also called Chorba or Lftour, is traditional North African soup par excellence, cooked in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. The Harira is widely prepared during sacred occasions and dinners. It is prepared usually during the month of Ramadan, and it is very comforting soup that could be eaten...
Rfissa is a famous dish in North Africa. It is known a lot in the region of Casablanca, this dish is widely prepared and eaten all over Morocco mainly during birth occasions. Rfissa is given to women after giving birth because it is traditionally believed that this dish has a magical power for...
Made from dried, steamed durum wheat flour, couscous is widely preferred and eaten in North Africa, mainly in Morocco and Algeria, where it is traditionally served on Friday lunch. Made from a mixture of meat, vegetables and steamed wheat semolina, Couscous recipes are very numerous.