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Russian Food

Solyanka is a thick, spicy and sour soup of Russian origin that is common in Russia, Ukraine, and other states of the former Soviet Union and certain parts of the former Eastern Bloc. It was one of the most popular dishes of the former East Germany.
Okróshka is a cold soup of Russian origin and probably originated in the Volga region. The classic soup is a mix of mostly raw vegetables, boiled potatoes, eggs, and a cooked meat such as beef, veal, sausages, or ham with kvass, which is a non-alcoholic beverage made from fermented black or rye...
Shuba salad
Shuba salad is a classic Russian dish featuring beautiful layers of pickled herring and root vegetables. It’s traditionally a national New Year’s dish. Simply put, shuba salad, or “Herring Under a Fur Coat,” is a layered salad of pickled herring fillets, finely chopped onion, beets, carrots,...
Caviar, or ikra, is really something to get worked up about in Russia. Briny and sharp, it is often served on dark, crusty bread or with blini, which are like pancakes or crepes. Caviar on buttered bread is a popular zakuska.
Zharkoye, Russian Stew is ancient, traditional Russian hearty meat and potatoes stew. You can use any meat that you prefer for the dish like carrots, parsley, and celery, lightly spiced with garlic, cloves, and dill. The dish is served hot with sour cream.
Pelmeni are meat dumplings originating from Russian cuisine and now popular in most European kitchens. The unleavened dough is filled with seasoned ground meat and boiled, then tossed in butter and served with sour cream or vinegar.    
Pirozhki are Russian and Ukrainian baked or fried yeast-leavened boat-shaped buns with a variety of fillings. Pirozhki are a popular street food and comfort food in Russia and a stereotypical part of Russian culture.
Borscht is a Slavic beet soup common in Eastern Europe and also in Northern Asia. It is typically made using a large amount of beetroots, by combining meat or bone stock with sautéed vegetables like potatoes, cabbagea, carrots. 
Beef Stroganoff
Beef Stroganoff or beef Stroganov is a Russian dish of sautéed pieces of beef served in a sauce with smetana. From its origins in mid-19th-century Russia, it has become popular around the world, with considerable variation from the original recipe.  
Olivier salad
Olivier salad is a traditional salad dish in Russian cuisine, which is also popular in other post-Soviet countries, many European countries, Turkey, Iran, Mongolia and also throughout Latin America, recently its also known in many Asian countries.