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Vietnamese Food

Rice Vermicelli Soup Bún Riêu
Bún riêu is a traditional Vietnamese soup of clear stock and rice vermicelli. There are several varieties of bún riêu, including original one bún riêu cua (minced crab), bún riêu cá (fish) and bún riêu ốc (snail).This dish is well-known in the country. 
Bánh khọt
Bánh khọt a well liked Vietnamese dish of miniature pancakes, it is served with herbs and vegetables and spicy sweet fish sauce for dipping. Bánh khọt is just like banh xeo a bigger sized crepe in southern Vietnam and usually thicker.
Vietnamese noodle Bánh Tầm Bì
Banh tam bi is a southern Vietnamese dish of thick rice and tapioca noodles noodles served with creamy coconut milk, vegetables  and fresh herbs. This local special dish is probably difficult to find in the Hanoi area and in the northern Vietnam.
Bánh bèo
Bánh bèo is a dish that comes from Huế, in the central region of Vietnam.The English translation for this dish is “Water fern cake”. It is made of a mixture of rice and tapioca flour that makes it chewy. There are regional variations in toppings like dried shrimp and crunchy pork rinds etc.
Bánh cống
Bánh cống Vietnamese fried shrimp cupcake with shrimp and mung bean is originally a dish of the Khmer in southern Vietnam. A long time ago it could only be found in Soc Trang Province, but today the cake is popular dish around the Mekong Delta.  
Hủ tiếu
Hủ Tiếu, a popular noodle soup in South Vietnam, of China Teochew origin, introduced in Vietnam by Chinese immigrants. It consists of mostly pork and seafood, and it's a lot more versatile than the other noodle dishes in Vietnam.
Phở - The Noodle Soup
Phở or pho is a Vietnamese soup consisting of broth, rice noodles (bánh phở), herbs, and meat (usually beef) (phở bò), sometimes chicken (phở gà). Pho is a popular street food in Vietnam  and served in special noodele restaurants in the country and in many nations around the world.  
Braised pork and eggs with coconut juice
Caramelized pork and eggs is a Vietnamese dish consisting of large chunks of pork and boiled eggs slowly braised in fish sauce and coconut juice. This dish goes well with boiled vegetables, green mustard pickle, and other pickles.
Bánh xèo
Bánh Xèo, a Vietnamese savoury pancake that is golden in color, very crispy on the outside. The crepe is made of rice flour, coconut milk, turmeric powder and filled with pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts. The dish is normally served with lettuce, mint, Thai basil and fish mint. Plus a dipping sauce.
Hủ tíu Nam Vang
Hủ tiếu Nam Vang is an adaption of noodle soup Hủ Tiếu in South Vietnam. The dish is of China Teochew origin, Chinese immigrants brought into Cambodia; starting from the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh then introduced to Vietnam.
Braised small carp in clay pot
Braised small carp (cá linh) with crushed black pepper, is popular dish during the flood season in Mekong Delta region. The ingredients for the dish are scallion, shallots, chilli pepper, sugar and fish sauce. The dish is usually served with steamed rice, pickled water spinach and a sour soup.
Cơm Tấm
Cơm tấm is a dish (cooked) broken rice served with grilled pork (either ribs or shredded) plus the Vietnamese thinly shredded pork mixed with cooked and thinly shredded pork skin called Bì) and pickled vegetables over cooked rice. The dish is also served with a spicy, sweet fish sauce.
Bún bò Huế
Bún Bò Huế is a Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup, containing rice vermicelli, paired with tender slices of beef and pork, then topped with lots of fresh herbs. The dish is greatly admired for its balance of spicy, salty, and umami flavors. The predominant flavor is that of lemongrass.  
Hanoi-style chicken noodle soup Bún thang
Bún thang is is a traditional Hanoi-style chicken noodle soup with many layers of flavors and delicious toppings. This dish demonstrates Hanoi cuisine’s soul through its sophistication and complication in cooking yet balanced and delicate in taste