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Rice Vermicelli Soup Bún Riêu

Rice Vermicelli Soup Bún Riêu

The original Bún riêu cua is served with tomato broth and topped with minced freshwater crab. In this dish, various freshwater paddy crabs are used, including the brown paddy crab found in rice paddies in Vietnam.

The crabs are cleaned to remove dirt and sand. Then crabs are pounded together with the shell on into a fine paste. This paste is strained and the crab liquid is a base for the soup along with tomato. The crab residue is used as the basis for crab cakes. Other ingredients for this dish include tamarind paste, fried tofu, mẻ or giấm bổng (kinds of rice vinegar), Garcinia multiflora Champ., annatto seeds (hạt điều màu) to redden the broth, huyết (congealed pig's blood), split water spinach stems, shredded banana flower, rau kinh giới (Elsholtzia ciliata), spearmint, perilla, bean sprouts and chả chay (vegetarian sausage).

This dish is rich in nutrition: calcium from the ground crab shells, iron from the congealed pig's blood, and vitamins and fiber from the vegetables

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Paddy crabs (crab meat & crab roe)

Tomato, Egg, Tofu

Materials make a sour like garcinia multiflora (quả dọc), dracontomelon (quả sấu), tamarind (quả me), starfruit (quả khế)

Onion, other vegetables and herbs: perilla (tía tô), Vietnamese balm (kinh giới), sliced banana flowers (hoa chuối thái nhỏ), rau muống, ferment or rice vinegar (mẻ hoặc giấm bổng)

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