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Timor Leste Food

Tukir' is one of Timor’s most traditional dishes and is always served at family celebrations. It can be made with almost any kind of meat, but the most favored is goat meat with various local spices .The traditional way to cook this dish is in a hollowed-out bamboo trunk over open fire.
Batar Da’an
East Timor Batar Da’an is a vegetarian dish made of pumpkin, corn and mung beans that are sautéed with onions and garlic. This is a hearty dish that can easily be a main dish on it’s own. It is both sweet and savory. It also can be as an excellent side to many other fish or meat dishes
East Timor's Ikan Pepes
East Timor Ikan Pepes is a whole fish cooked in a spicy curry and tamarind sauce. The fish is first steamed in banana leaf then grilled in spice paste made of turmeric, lemon basil, lemongrass, and chili peppers etc. Many people think Ikan Peppes should be the national dish of East Timor.
Caril is a mild chicken curry, cooked with coconut milk and roasted capsicum. It is one of East Timor’s favorite dishes. Unlike many curries from some Asian countries, Caril is a mildly spicy dish. Although it pairs best with rice, it is often served with corn, East Timor’s primary staple.