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Hủ tiếu

Hủ tiếu

Hủ tiếu is one of the most popular noodle soup dishes in South Viet Nam.

Hủ Tiếu noodle soup is the rebel of all Vietnamese noodle soups. There are no rules. You can add whatever delicious topping you want (chicken, pork, eggs, innards and/or seafood). You can have it with broth, without broth (dry) or with broth on the side. The original Hủ tiếu noodles are tapioca noodles but you can take it with Chinese yellow egg wheat noodles, also with pork-based broth.

Hủ tiếu, is to South Vietnam as Phở is to North Vietnam, and Bún bò Huế is to Central Vietnam. In Vietnam there are some variations of Hủ Tiếu found in differenr provinces. Hủ tiếu My Tho, Hủ tiếu Sa Đec etc. of which the noodle is crispier and the accompanied vegetables richer than that created by the Chinese immigrants. Even for Cambodian-Chinese immigrants from Phnom Penh of Campodia to Vietnam there is an adaption of this Hủ tiếu noodle soup dish with more vegetables:Hủ Tiếu Nam Vang. In fact, Nam Vang is the Vietnamese word for Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh.

By the way, the Hủ tiếu noodle in Sa Dec and My Tho is made from good quality perfume rice.


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