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Portuguese Food

Choco frito
Choco frito is a traditional Portuguese dish originating from Setúbal, where it's the most famous local specialty. The dish consists of fried cuttlefish that's typically served with potato chips or fries, salad, and lemon wedges for squeezing the juice onto the choco frito.
Migas is a dish in Spanish and Portuguese cuisines. Originally introduced by shepherds, migas are very popular across the Iberian Peninsula, and are the typical breakfast of hunters at monterías in southern Spain.
Cozido à portuguesa
Cozido à portuguesa or Portuguese stew is a type of cozido, traditional Portuguese boiled meal. Numerous regional variations exist throughout Portugal, and the dish is considered part of the Portuguese heritage, as well as one of the national dishes of Portugal.
Piri Piri chicken
Piri Piri chicken is a traditional Portuguese dish. It's usually grilled and charred whole chicken pieces covered in a chili based paste or sauce. The sauce or paste uses African Bird's Eye Chili which is grown all over northern Africa and southern Portugal