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Dutch Food

Bitterballen are tiny Dutch meatballs made with minced beef or veal, broth, butter, flour and parsley. The mixture is seasoned with salt, pepper and sometimes nutmeg. Bitterballen are served with mustard or dipping sauce and eaten as a savoury snack.
Patatje oorlog
Patatje oorlog means “war fries”. They’re essentially French fries topped with mayonnaise, raw onions and special sate sauce. The sauce is of Indonesian origin and is made with ground peanuts, ginger, turmeric and many other spices
Lekkerbek is Dutch battered, fried white fish, traditionally cod or whiting. The dish is also served with a dipping mayonnaise-based remoulade or a garlic sauce. And some boiled potatoes. For many people the dish is the Dutch version of British“Fish and Chips”.
Kibbeling is a Dutch snack consisting of battered chunks of fish, served with a dipping mayonnaise-based garlic sauce or tartar sauce. Kibbeling is a very street food in the Netherlands, you can get it at almost all markets, at fish stalls and in eateries.