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Hymalaya Tibetan Food

Momo is a type of steamed filled dumplings in Tibet and Himalayan regions of South Asia across the Indian subcontinent border. The dish consist of ground meat and chopped vegetables wrapped in a thin dough skin.  
Shaptra is a Tibetan delicacies meal of stir-fried meat tossed with ginger herb and fresh red chili. Since it is delicious and so simple, every Tibetan household makes some variation of shaptra — Stir-fried meat.
Sha Shingbee
Sha Shingbee is a stir-fried dish of sliced mutton with green beans of Tibetan cuisine. This is a simple dish for home-made meal. The meat and green beans stir-fry tossed with garic, chilli pepper and spicy sauce.
Chicken soup Thukpa
Thukpa (Tibetan: ཐུག་པ ) is a Tibetan noodle soup, which originated in the eastern part of Tibet. Amdo thukpa (especially thenthuk) is a famous variant among Tibetan people and Himalayan people of Nepal and Bhutan.