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Baltic States Food

Kalduny are stuffed dumplings made of unleavened dough in Belarusian, Lithuanian and Polish cuisines. The dish is basically a type of raviolis which are stuffed with mushrooms or meat or other stuffings. The simplest dough for kalduny is made of flour mixed with tepid water, eggs, and some salt.
Aukstā zupa
Aukstā zupa is a refreshing Latvian cold soup. It is made with beetroots, cucumbers, kefir, hard-boiled eggs, and milk sausage. Greens such as dill and scallions are essential, and most people also enjoy the soup with a dash of vinegar.
The Potato and groats mash
Potato and groats mash is a 100% Estonian dish and it only has two basic ingredients: potatoes and groats, for the vegan version, or you can try the authentic Estonian version by cooking it with lard, fermented/sour milk, and some pieces of fried onions and bacon. Don’t forget the pickles!
Estonian Black Bread
Estonian Black Bread is fermented Rye Bread, flavor and texture of this rye bread is achieved with long natural fermentation with the help of wild yeast (starter). This famous traditional Estonian bread is present on every table, being a quintessential part of the Estonian culinary tradition.
Potato pancakes
Potato pancake is a dish in many countries and there are diffenerent different recipes to make. Lithuanian potato pancakes are a simple dish to make, comprising grated potatoes, onion, and eggs mixed together and fried in oil. They are served with dill, scallions, and sour cream.
Fried Curd Cakes
Fresh cheese curd cake Varškės apkepas is a staple in Lithuanian households and can be used to make numerous dishes. One favorite dish is fried cheese curd cakes, which is simply cheese curd mixed with a bit of flour, egg, and sugar that is fried in oil. 
Fried beard
Fried bread, or kepta duona, is Lithuanian dark rye bread that been fried in oil, seasoned with garlic and salt, and served with cheese sauce. Fried bread is frequently eaten as a snack to accompany beer and is a favorite comfort food of many Lithuanians.
Cepelinai (Zeppelins)
Cepelinai or didžkukuliai are dumplings made from grated and riced potatoes and stuffed with ground meat or dry curd cheese or mushrooms. It has been described as a national dish of Lithuania, and is typically served as a main dish