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Danzi noodles - 擔仔麵

Danzi noodles - 擔仔麵

Invented by resourceful Taiwanese fisherman as a way of making money during the off season, this delicious noodle soup is packed with a flavorful pork-and-shrimp broth, long-simmered meat sauce.

The normal serving size is usually small, being considered more of a snack than an entree. This is not a noodle soup dish for eating to get full like other Asian noodle soups.

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Chinese wheat noodles (oil noodles)

Minced pork

6 Prawn or large shell-on shrimp, preferably with heads 

Pean sprouts


6 teaspoons Black vinegar


Soy sauce

And egg.

How to cook

Boil prawn heads to be used as the soup base

Boil noodles and bean sprouts in hot water, while shaking them up and down

Pick up noodles and bean sprouts, put bean sprouts on the bowl first and then put noodles on the bean sprouts in bowl. Topped with minced pork and prawn.

Add the prawn head soup, and then add some seasoning to your taste: typically black vinegar, garlic and cilantro.

Also can be topped with an egg or pork ball