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Yuca con chicharrón

Yuca con chicharrón

Yuca frita el salvador is a wholesome and utterly delicious dish of deep-fried cassava, sliced into piping hot, thick cut wedges. A beloved street food, Yuca frita is often topped with pork skin deep fried chicharrones. Served on banana leaves, the dish is based around fried or boiled yuca (cassava root), a mainstay of Salvadoran cuisine. Curtido––a pickled medley of cabbage, carrot and onion with red pepper and garlic added for heat ––is piled on top, along with hunks of chicharron providing some added crunch.

In El Salvador , Yuca frita con chicharrón is a side dish that is usually served with soups, tamales, or carneada (roasted meat).

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