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Nicaraguan Vigorón is boiled yuca (cassava root), topped with crispy pork rinds and a cabbage salad and tomato slaw. It's great as an appetizer or light meal. It’s a common dish to prepare for friends and family who quickly stop by as it is very easy to prepare

The preparation, as well to serve the dish is simple, place a banana leaf over each plate and add a few pieces of yuca and chicharrón on top. Then cover with the cabbage salad. Add a few habanero chiles. It is most commonly eaten using your hands and no cutlery. You should pick up a piece of pork rind and scoop on some salad and yuca for the perfect bite.

Vaho, a dish very similar to vigorón, is also a traditional Nicaraguan dish. However, a distinction is made in the manner of cooking: vaho is pressure-cooked (typically brisket), vigorón is not. Vaho also has green and ripe plantains, whereas Vigorón does not.

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