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Shishqebap Me Mish Pule (Kebab)

Shishqebap Me Mish Pule (Kebab)

Kebabs are a type of grilled meat that is extremely popular in Albania. Like in the many other countries where it is also eaten, like Azerbaijan, Montenegro or even South Africa, kebabs are usually served on a skewer, in between pieces of vegetables, and that differentiates them from regular grilled meat.

In Albania, beautifully tender chicken with Albanian Salami on skewers forming a delicious combination of textures complimented with spicy and smokey flavours.

There is also Turkish kebab version in Albania, with meats stacked up on a turning grill, sliced when ordered and stuffed inside a pita bread with onions, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and mayonnaise or sour cream.

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