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Sese Plantains

Sese Plantains

Sese Planti , Turning Planti  or Cameroonian Sese Plantains is a one-pot meal with plantains, red palm oil, dried fish, crayfish and other tasty spices. It is a hearty meal that is perfect for dinner. This meal is also known as unripe plantain porridge or porridge plantains. The ingredients for the dish include green plantains, feafy greens and  a mixture of dried fish and goat meat that all cooked slowly to a delicious stew. 

Sese Plantains dish is a popular Cameroonian and West African everyday meal. This everyday one-pot meal is frequently dished- up in most households in Cameroon and throughout West Africa. As a  Cameroonian tradition, this delicious savory Cameroonian dish is also usually prepared for a new mom and her guests.

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