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Sayadeya is an Egyptian dish made with a combination of yellow rice, spices, onions, tomato sauce, and white fish such as bluefish, mullet, or bass. The combination is then baked in traditional earthenware pots. It is mostly prepared in coastal cities such as Alexandria, Portsaid, and Suez

The yellow rice of the dish is cooked with cumin and other spices. The spice mix is called baharat in Arabic and its preparation varies from cook to cook but may include caraway, cinnamon, cumin and coriander.]

Historically it was a fisherman's meal, found along the Arabian Mediterranean sea coast, but the dish can now be found throughout the Middle East, where it is prepared at home for special occasions and meals with guests, and also served in restaurants. It can be made with a variety of fish, usually firm, white fish, such as haddock or cod.[4] Whole fish is used so the fish head and bones can be used to flavor the stock. The dish is garnished with slivered almonds and toasted pine nuts.

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