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Run down

Run down

Run Down 'Run Dung' is a traditional Jamaican dish that many ingredients are sauteed with aromatic seasonings and combined with Coconut Milk. Rundown is a term that comes from the fact that coconut milk is reduced down to a thick sauce.

The dish consists of a soup made up of reduced coconut milk, with different types of seafood (fish, crabs, small lobsters or shellfish), plantain, yam, cassava, tomato, onion, and seasonings. Mackerel and salted mackere are often used in the dish. Other fish are also used, including locally caught fish, cod, salt cod, shad, other oily fish, red snapper, swordfish, pickled fish, bull pizzle. Traditionally, the dish is served with side dishes of dumplings or baked breadfruit.

Run down is typically available in Jamaican restaurants, and is also a traditional Jamaican breakfast dish.It is a common dish in the Antilles, insular Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Venezuela, also.

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