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Revolcado  is a Guatemalan curried stew consisting of a small pig's head and entrails, tomatoes, tomatillos, bell peppers, chiles guaques (Guatemalan chiles), garlic, onions, and annatto seeds. The sauce is sometimes thickened with corn flour and has a red color which comes from annatto seeds.

Cumin is also used to flavor the stew. This seed is particularly appreciated in Guatemalan cuisine, and it brings a great flavor to pig meat and more generally to offal such as liver and heart. The larger quantity of garlic also brings a great freshness to the revolcado.

According to the historian Miguel Álvarez Arévalo, it was the Spaniards who brought the use of the pig’s head to indigenous cooking. A piece that was quickly adopted and prepared with popular local fruits, tomatoes and sweet peppers.

The dish can also be found in Peru, the northwest of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico and Nicaragua.

 Its name may vary from one place to another but it is most commonly known as chanfaina. Depending on the country, it uses pig or lamb, but rice is always the accompaniment. In Guatemala, revolcado is a popular dish.