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Norwegian "Komle" or "Raspeball" is a meal that many Norwegians would describe as Norways national dish. The main ingredient is peeled potatoes, which are grated or ground up and mixed with flour "mostly Barley flour" to make the balls stick together.

The dish is more common in the southern region (Sørlandet) where "kompe" is the most common name, western region (Vestlandet) where the terms "raspeball", "komle",and "potetball" are the most used and middle region (Trøndelag) where it is nearly always called "klubb". In Vestlandet, this dish is traditionally consumed on Thursdays, when it often makes an appearance as "dish of the day" at cafes and restaurants specializing in local cuisine, commonly known as "Komle-torsdag".

There are a great variety of regional variations to the dish and the condiments vary locally. They may include salted and boiled pork or lamb meat, bacon, sausages, melted butter, boiled carrots, mashed or cooked rutabaga, sour cream, kefir or soured milk, cured meat, brown cheese sauce and even boiled potatoes. A variety of raspeballer is the fiskeball, where minced fish, fresh or salted, is added to the potato dough.

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