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Plokkfiskur is basically a simple fish stew. The name literally translates to “plucked fish.

In truth, plokkfiskur isn’t quiet a stew, at least not by modern standards.  It’s a rich dish, with butter and cream similar to fish chowder, but the sauce is thick so that plokkfiskur is just as at home in a bowl or served as a spread on top of thin slices of Icelandic rye bread (rúgbrauð).

The recipe is similar to other Icelandic food staples, in that it’s based on meat/fish and potatoes, and it’s stick to your ribs comfort food.   Kjötsúpa (Icelandic Lamb Soup) for example, uses lamb and skips the cream, but slow-cooked marrow bones add plenty of richness.  

Simple to prepare meals, from high-quality ingredients are staples of Icelandic cuisine, and plokkfiskur is no exception.

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