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Peka /peke

Peka /peke

Ispod sača-peke is a cooking tool similar to a dutch oven. A metal dish is placed on hot coals, the food is placed in the dish and covered by a lid which is then completely covered in hot coals and left to bake. Wash the veal meat and rub with salt, pepper, put in bowl, pour over olive oil and wine, and arrange with the vegetables. Cover the lid and put coals. It cooked for about an hour. Wash potatoes, peeled and cut in large slices. Lift the cover and turn the meat, add the salted potatoes. Cover the pan and place a coals. Bake for about an hour. Serve from the bowl.

To prepare peke, basically, you can put any kind of meat and veggies in a tray, salt it, add spices, oil, and cover it with a bell-like lid. Placed in a fireplace, the lid is then covered with embers. It cooks for two hours, but after about an hour or so, the lid is lifted, meat is turned, and some other spices are added, like a mix of honey and cognac with Mediterranean herbs. The sauce is the very delicious.

This dish usually needs to be ordered in advance in a restaurant. Some restaurants have it on a menu all the time, but peka is the best when made on order.

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