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Mtewem is a traditional Algerian dish, present during the holy month of Ramadan or in great occasions such as weddings. This dish is originally from the capital city of Algiers and the original recipe is made with white sauce. Mtewem (Arabic مثوم ) is an Arabic word which means “ with garlic”.

This dish consists of meatballs, pieces of  beef, chicken or lamb meat and almond, filled with garlic and cumin, almonds or chickpeas. Housewives replace  often almonds with chickpeas.

The meat is firstly prepared for meatballs, then cook with garlic and spices like cumin and pepper.  Its sauce is prepared with a grated onion and a lot of garlic. Turmeric is added for red sauce.

It is a traditional dish that is very popular during the month of Ramadan. Along with couscous, it is also an essential dish for Algerian weddings.

The mtewem  recipes differ from house to house and are passed down from generation to generation. It can also be made with red sauce, for a change. Mtewem  is often  served with Khobz Edar (Algerian home made bread).

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