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Moqueca is a Brazillian Fish stew with coconut milk, tomatoes and peppers. It's traditionally served over rice with lime and cilantro.

Traditional moqueca is recognized as moqueca capixaba and is native to the state of Espírito Santo. It is a combination of Brazilian and Portuguese cuisine. It is considered a softer and lighter version of moqueca. Lighter oils, such as extra-virgin olive oil, are used instead of palm oil (as in the Bahian version). Urucum pigment is added, and it is always cooked in a traditional clay pan. Moqueca capixaba can be made with fish, shrimp, crabs, sea crab or lobsters.

The name moqueca comes from the term mu'keka in Kimbundu language. The full meal set is the fish stew, banana da terra stew (same process of stewing the fish but with the banana da terra), pirão and white rice, each one in its own clay pan.

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