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Moambe chicken

Moambe chicken

Moambe chicken (French: poulet à la moambé or simply poulet moambe, Portuguese: muamba de galinha) is a savory chicken dish popular in Central Africa. The dish itself is made by combining chicken, spices and palm butter to create a stew-like consistency. A number of local or regional variations exist across the Congo and Central Africa; the dish is also known outside the continent.

Poulet moambe (French for "chicken in palm butter sauce") is prepared by cooking chicken in moambe (palm butter) and spinach, then seasoned with spices like peri-peri or red pepper. It is typically served with sweet potatoes, brown onions, hard boiled eggs and a sauce made from crushed palm nuts.[3][4] Moambe chicken can also be accompanied by rice or manioc (cassava) paste. The chicken can be substituted with duck or fish.

This savory dish is typically consumed with rice and boiled cassava leaves known as saka saka.

Moambe chicken is regarded as the national dish of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is also considered the national dish of Gabon where it is known as poulet nyembwe, and in Angola where it is known as muamba de galinha.

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