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Key Wat

Key Wat

The are not few stew dishes in the Ethiopian cuisine. If you like African food you’ve most likely tried Doro Wat, the spicy chicken stew that Ethiopia embraces as its national dish.  Another famous and equally delicious dish is Sega Wat, the beef version of this spicy stew.  On restaurant menus you may find a couple of options – Key Sega Wat (spicy) and Alicha Sega Wat (mild).

Other Ethiopian stew Awaze tibs is spiced lamb stew made with tender, boneless leg of lamb, this quick-cooking staple of Ethiopian home cooking  is flavored with Awaze sauce, a kicky blend of berbere spices, smoked paprika, lemon juice and wine.

Sega Wat is traditionally eaten with injera, Ethiopia’s famous fermented flatbread.  This spongy pancake-like flatbread is used in place of utensils to scoop the sega wat into your mouth and mop up any remaining bits of sauce.

The  Sega Wat has an variant in Eritrea, the  Zigni berbere recipe, a spicy Eritrean beef stew, is a feast for the senses. The berbere spice mix adds huge depth of flavour, thanks to its heady combination of aromatic spices such as cinnamon, cumin, cardamom and fenugreek.


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