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Fritanga o Picada Colombiana

Fritanga o Picada Colombiana

Fritanga” is a typical weekend lunch for Colombians. It is a varied dish served in a basket and enjoyed not with cutlery but your hands. When ordering fritanga you can mix and match, but it’s ingredients are commonly potato criolla (or “papita bogotana”), grilled banana, blood sausage (morcilla), long spicy pork sausage (longaniza), fried cassava (“yuquita frita”), stuffed potato, crackling (chicharrón), chorizo and chunchullo (fried pork small intestine). Nicknamed “the vitamin Ch” plate: chunchullo, chorizo, chicharrón are considered indispensable in it, and normally it is served with a beer, “una fría”.

One of the things that characterizes and differentiates Colombian regions are their different typical dishes. But fritanga is so traditional and delicious that you can also find it in more formal restaurants. And while it’s most popular in Andina, people from all over Colombia eat Fritanga. The dish varies in each region, according to particular variations in the preparation of ingredients or even in quantity or variety of them.

 Fritanga is the most tipical dish in Andina region: Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Tolima, among others have Fritanga as the familiar weekend dish.

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