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Frango a passarinho

Frango a passarinho

Frango a passarinho  translated literally as ‘little birdie chicken’, frango a passarinho is a typical Brazilian appetizer consisting of small cuts of chicken marinated with lime juice and seasonings, breaded with a mixture of flour and cornmeal, and deep fried in oil.  The marinade for the chicken is traditionally made with minced add garlic  lemon juice, onion, parsley, wine, olive oil, salt, and pepper and process until finely chopped

Later on, they are topped with a mixture of toasted garlic, olive oil, and chopped parsley and served accompanied by chilled beer. They are tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Brazilian Fried Chicken Frango a passarinho  is a petisco, which is what we call our tapas-style finger foods. Petiscos are at the heart of our bar food scene and are traditionally pretty simple foods

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