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Tripe is a soup that is made around the world. The spices and ingredients used will depend on the region the soup is made in. Actually, tripe, the stomach of a cow, pig, sheep or another animal, often turned into soup,

In Polish, tripe soup is known as flaki zupa (FLAH-kee) or just flaczki (FLAHTCH-kee), which also literally means "guts." Typically, Polish tripe soup is made with beef tripe and is considered one of the national soups of Poland, especially since it is touted to have been eaten by King Władysław II Jagiełło.

While recipes vary by region, in addition to beef tripe, vegetables, beef broth, and marjoram are included and sometimes tomatoes or tomato paste, and other spices are added. Some versions feature a clear broth, while others are creamed.

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