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Basically, an empanada is a half-moon-shaped pastry turnover, filled with either sweet or savory ingredients. It can be either baked or fried.

Empanada filling varies greatly, and can include anything from ground beef, chicken, pork, tuna, shellfish, cheese, and / or vegetables, potatoes, cumin, chili powder, paprika, peas and fresh herbs, seasoned vibrantly, then baked or fried to perfection. The name comes from the Galician verb empanar, and translates as "enbreaded", that is, wrapped or coated in bread.

The empanada dough is similar to a pie dough. It is made with cold butter, cold water, flour and egg. It comes out perfectly flakey, crispy and golden brown.

Argentine empanadas are often served during parties and festivals as a starter or main course. Shops specialize in freshly made empanadas, with many flavors and fillings.

Every region of Argentina has its own characteristic variant.

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