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Empadão de Frango

Empadão de Frango

Empadão de Frango, the Brazilian chicken pot pie is made from a flaky dough called pâte brisée or massa podre (the French version of classic pie pastry), filled with a tasty, creamy, and chunky chicken-and-vegetable filling

In the South Amarica, some folks make a distinction between chicken pie and chicken pot pie. Chicken pies, also known as "chicken and pastry," are the savory versions of fruit pies or cobblers, made with homemade crust and no, or very few, vegetables. Chicken pot pies typically include vegetables and have a top crust only.

In  Brazil, pot pies come in 3 basic sizes: mini (about a size of a mini muffin), small (a bit smaller than a standard-size muffin or cupcake), and large (family-size pot pie). The mini pot pies are served as small bites at birthdays or holiday events, or as hors d’oeuvres at cocktail parties — such as our shrimp mini pot pies. The small size pot pies are usually available at cafés and bakeries, or from street vendors. The large size pies– such as this one– are served either for lunch or dinner, and are called empadão in Portuguese .

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