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Chicken pepián

Chicken pepián

Pepián , a thick meat and vegetable stew, is a common dish in the area of Antigua (a town just outside of Guatemala City, the country’s capital). It is thickened with ground nuts and seeds. Commonly pumpkin seeds (pepitas) are used, thus the name pepian was given to this type of dish. There are green versions and red versions.

Pepian is among the 4 national dishes of Guatemala. Pepian is hot, hearty, simple, yet complex. In Guatemala, pepian has as many variations as there are cooks.  Aromatic and packed with flavour, this Mayan-inspired stew is perfect for parties and surprisingly easy to make!

Pepián is one of the oldest dishes in Guatemalan food heritage, borne out of the fusion of the Spanish and Mayan cultures. It is also quite possibly the most famous Guatemalan stew.