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Chicken luwombo

Chicken luwombo

Chicken luwombo is Ugandan traditional dish conisting  seasoning,  stuffed chicken which is wrapped and cooked in banana leaves.

Luwombo can be made with several different kinds of meats – pork and beef are often used. However, in Uganda, chicken luwombo is the most traditional. Peanuts and smoked fish are also typical l ingredients. Superbly spiced and seasoned, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed – Ugandan chicken luwombo is a delightful African ethnic food treat!

Luwombo has been a royal dish since the year 1887 in Uganda  and it is commonly prepared for exceptional events for instance, the introduction ceremonies where the groom visits the brides home to meet her parents.

Serve it with staple which is streamed or boiled as side dish do the locals. Some of the accompaniments example are steamed matooke, cassava, posho, sweet potatoes or Irish, steamed or boiled rice.


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