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Chicken curry

Chicken curry

Jamaican Chicken Curry is a favorite standby in Jamaican cuisine. It's a chicken dish that's cooked low and slow to get all the amazing flavors infused in the chicken and vegetables. Jamaican curry serves typically with rice and peas.

The Jamaican curry is different from Indien or Thai curry and other Asian curry dishes. While it has some of the usual curry ingredients like coconut milk and spices, the heat has a subtle sweetness to it and the spices are more warm than other curries. One of the most notable differences between Indian Curry and Jamaican Curry is that Jamaican Curry uses Scotch Bonnet pepper.

The curry dish (and its corresponding spices) came to Jamaica in the 17th century when workers from East India were brought to the British colony.

Like all curry powders, Jamaican curry powder is a blend of different spices. There’s no one single recipe for it, though most blends contain cumin, coriander, mustard, anise, fenugreek, allspice, and turmeric.

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