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Cajun chicken stew i

Cajun chicken stew i

Cajun chicken stew is a comforting meal-in one packed wih juicy chicken and vegies in the flavorful gravy broth.

Recipes for chicken stew  vary slightly from person to person and from region to region or even countries, but it is usually made by first cooking a whole chicken by boiling or parboiling, allowing a rich broth to form. The stew also varies in color from white to pale yellow, depending on the amount of butter or margarine used. It can vary in thickness from very thin and soup-like to thick and creamy.

This chicken stew dish could be a little bit of everything — the actual slow-cooked stew version or portion is part soup, part stew. And then everything from the slow cooker gets spooned over a bed of cooked rice, making it a thoroughly filling, hearty and warming meal.

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