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Bánh khọt

Bánh khọt

Banh khọt is made from a batter of rice flour, corn starch, tumeric powder and coconut milk.The little mini pancakes are cooked in the same type of griddle as Thai khanom krok, but instead of being a sweet dessert like the Thai version, they are savory and eaten with fresh herbs and leafy green vegetables and a small bowl of spicy and sweet dipping sauce.

Banh khọt is very similar to its sister dish, Banh Xeo, or Vietnamese sizzling crepes. The two dishes are wrapped in leafy greens and dipped in a spicy and sweet sauce. However, the Banh Khot is much smaller and thicker than the Banh Xeo.

Local people of the coastal region of Vung Tau and Mekong Delta region should be the first Vietnamese who made banh khọt from bánh xèo batter.