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Bánh cống

Bánh cống

Bánh cống, an original Khmer food has a cupcake shape, with brown crust and a fried shrimp on top and the height of 06 cm, then served with fresh herbs and sauce. The inside contains minced meat and steamed green beans.

A long time ago it could only be found in Soc Trang Province, but southerners loved it so much they brought it around the Mekong Delta with them and turned the cake into the popular dish that it is today.

The cake is made in a mold that is half a soup ladle half a tube. A mixture of rice and soy flour, mung beans, shredded taro, minced pork and shrimps.

The frying method is a lot more complicated for the vendor – there’s an order of what to put into the mold: first the batter, the beans and taro, the meat and then more batter. The cooks will carefully place a shrimp on top.

The whole mold is then dunked into boiling oil. After around 20 minutes, the cake is removed from the mold.